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APPLE Realty provides full service property management for owners wanting to rent their homes. Our management relationship is a series of permissions to act on behalf of our owners and we perform this service for owners of property who live throughout the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area, the United States, and numerous countries around the world.  New management pays a one time non-refundable Adminstrative Setup Fee of $250.00.   For a monthly fee of 10% of gross collected rents, Apple Realty handles the following tasks for your rental property:

  • Tenant Solicitation- we use the internet , newspapers, & any other mutually agreeable resources to advertise vacant rental properties.

  • Showings - Unlike many competitors, Apple Realty will personally show rental properties to prospective tenants while the property is occupied. We believe this gives added security to tenants and owners and helps us build better relationships with tenants prior to leasing. This also allows us to show rental properties and potentially lease them before they become vacant instead of waiting until they are vacant to begin marketing. For vacant properties, once the property is rent ready, we use a combination of in person showings and self showings to increase showing capacity and rent properties quickly. 

  • Tenant Screening - We use credit reports, rental or mortgage references, and criminal background checks to screen potential tenants. This is a very important part of success in managing rental real estate.

  • Negotiating & Executing the lease - Approved tenants sign a standard North Carolina lease with a property specific addendum which outline the obligations of the owner and tenant and define the terms of the tenancy.

  • Preparing Properties for Move In - Between tenants, rental properties are inspected for reconciliation of the the tenants security deposit. We schedule all necessary repairs and work to be done to make the property ready for occupancy by new tenants.

  • Maintenance & Repair - During the tenancy, APPLE will coordinate the completion of necessary repairs through our vendor relationships . We have established relationships with maintenance contractors in many categories of home maintenance who provide a good value in the quality and price of needed services for repairs. We try our best to be responsive in this area because we realize good tenants expect good service.

  • Collecting Rent- We manage rent collections, keep tenant ledgers, and in the event of an unkept commitment, we will use the appropriate court proceedings to enforce the lease.

  • Monthly Account Statements - Every month, owners receive detailed account statements of income and expenses for their rental property, and a yearly summary statement as well as 1099's. 

  • Year-to-year Leases, Summer Termination - With so many properties close to Duke University and tied to the academic calendar, year-to-year leases with a summer termination have worked best for us. This at least plans potential vacancies to come available when the largest pool of good quality tenants are looking for available rental property.

Pet Protection Guarantee:

Pets can cause damage, and a small upfront pet deposit fee is often not enough to cover the damages. To better protect owners, Apple Realty has a pet protection guarantee, meaning Apple Realty will pay owners for pet damages up to $2,000 above the tenant’s security deposit for one pet, and up to $3,000 above the security deposit for any tenant with two pets.


How does this work? As an example, if a tenant with two pets has a $1,000 security deposit and there is $500 in non-pet damages and $3,500 in pet damages, then $500 of the tenant deposit would be applied to the non-pet damages, and the other $500 would be applied to the pet damage. Apple’s pet guarantee would mean you also receive $2,000 if the tenant had one pet and another $1,000 if there were two pets ($3,000 total from Apple Realty). In this situation, all $3,500 would be paid for by the tenant security deposit and Apple Realty’s pet guarantee.

Apple Realty is able to make this guarantee by charging the tenant a small $25 monthly pet fee (per pet up to 2 pet max), which allows us to pool funds to cover any damages that may occur. Per our pet policy, only certain animals will be approved by Apple. One important note – this guarantee does not apply to ADA, ESA or unauthorized animals. 

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