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HOW TO GET A FULL DEPOSIT REFUND: Tip #1 - Picture Hanging Do's and Dont's

We often get asked by our residents - "how can get my full deposit refunded after I move out?" This ongoing series will tell you how! First up - Picture Hanging Do's and Dont's.

You've just moved into your new place. What's the first thing you want to do after stocking the fridge and paying the movers? Decorate!

According to all Apple leases, no nails or screws can go into the walls, as they leave holes behind long after the art is removed. So how can you decorate your hip new place without causing damage? We highly recommend command hooks!

These hooks can hold various amounts of weight and are easy to remove. They won't leave holes behind and are unlikely to damage the paint.

Command hooks do more than just hang your home decor. Check out this article for ways to use them around your home:

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